Thursday, October 01, 2015

New Obsession - Dark Lipstick Color Code Hahaha :D

Assalamualaikum October! Huehuehue :))

My second post for today. This is damn cool you know. Look at the color, very stunning and extra hot babe! I do fall in love with dark color of lipstick especially from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Unicorn Blood. How do I got the information? It's from Nana Mahazan (AF1). I saw her selfie's photo wearing dark red lipstick and immediately ask her what is the color code for her lipstick, only then she's updating the photo's caption. 

After that, I exposed my excited feeling about my new obsession to my best friend girl and she's showing me another brand of the ultra best color called Anastasia Beverly Hills. Look at the color, really beautiful. Especially Trust Issues. Did you notice that? Hahaha :D I want to grab 1 but I do have the question about the halal ingredient that is used in the lipstick. So, I need to do some searching on its halal issues. In Islam, the halal or clean from any non Muslim used to have (on certain part) is the main important thing to make sure our selves is clean. Islam means clean, sacred, from any dirt that was supposed to be. Anyhow, the color really made my day. I want to buy 1. I already have the bright red color as you know that time was bright red color obsession muahahah :D

Done for mini new obsession of mine. I dont know how I get to use the second language of my country in these two posts. Perhaps, it comes from the Catatan Matluthfi that I had read before. Mihs mihs mihs. Thanks Mat! Your little catatan really compact and full of knowledge that comes from inner side of yours. Not many of people in the world have the confidence to do the things as you did. Even tho all human are born equally, that might be something that really make you special from others. This is what my fiance told me. He says, every human have their unique character. Go and find it! #notetoself

And enough for this post. Thank you for reading this entry! :)