Monday, October 26, 2015

Planner or Schedule arrangement.


Being organized is something that I love and interested with. If the things did not turn like what I want it to be, there will be an event where I feel uncomfortable with. It will automatically turning my day into bad day just because my plan was not on its path. This is me. Jangan bermain dengan api. (Cewahh, acah2 je hahaha)

The October is nearly leaves us. How time flies isn't it? If Im not mistaken, my previous two posts was on the 18th! That's not the point, the point here is, I just got to know that our plan organizer or what we called it before as a diary has different types of categories and they even have their own names! Oh my goodness, how unacknowledged I am. Yeah! I feel worst! I thought 'the diary look' is just like a normal diary, they have name and its function actually.

Thanks to Dr Halina for acknowledge me, the one who is 'terlalu rajin' to read up. Take it as a lesson Zaa! Okay, here it is. There are three categories that I knew so far, and I know there might be lots! Haha need to find it by myself after this. Must do the listing!

1. Filofax, 

2. Erin Condren,


There are different isn't it? Give me 10 if you are with me. Hahaha shame on me! I love to plan what will be my next live event. I just don't know how to write nicely and neatly. Previously, I just write randomly on a piece of paper about present activity I wanted to do. The same thing I did on my wedding checklist which I know that was totally wrong! The important things must be written/recorded in proper and well-organized on a bundle of paper with tightly sealed which at least to be written in a book. I got one already, I used it for my merisik & bertunang event.

To me, these two events was not big as a wedding ceremony. So, I just used the same book for roughly idea that come out all of sudden which will be needed of course! However, I just got the new technique which I think it is something new that I must try. So, why not I go find and buy a new organizer platform which well-prepared by the expert.

So, lets find the suitable ones. Or just Google the design we like and custom-made it : ) So, that's all for this moment, Thank you for reading this entry guys! XOXO

* I just love to write one straight forward post rather than saying like an essay with less content.