Wednesday, September 30, 2015

3/4 of my degree journey.


Why 3/4? It is because now Im on internship period which is my final phase of my degree before graduation. Alhamdulillah, so far it runs very well even though this company is totally away from my course yet it does gives me great opportunity in gaining knowledge. I've met a lot of people with different background here. Most of them are great and knowledgeable. I bet if any of you wants to find place for internship (electrical engineering based), I strongly suggest this company (EPE Switchgear Sdn Bhd). You can learn everything about electrical here. Done about internship. The details about the company background, you can google EPE Switchgear Nilai :)

Me and my best friend girl has planned to do part time job. At first I was thinking to do part time at Cool Blog near to my makcik's home (the place where I currently live). But the plan was changed to selling local fruit in my office. Alhamdulillah. At the very beginning of our tiny as big as germs business were run very well since they are a lot of people there willing to help us. From the box, type of fruits that people wants, how to calculate the modal & profit, and including how to peel the fruit are also being guided by them. They are so adorable &lovely. Special thanks to most of them who helps *tears. 

Fyi, we are just started. Our first week of fruit's selling achieve 100++ myr. Praise to Allah :)) Look how money (rezeki) comes to us when we are searching for them. In this life, there are no matter how much money you have, the important thing is how well did you spend your money and plan how to roll up the money from being disappear every time the months has ended. :P In Islam, the barakah are the most important thing. And currently, we are almost 1 month in this field (business :P). Done about part time job :)

I miss writing in blog. 
There are no such thing as lame when it comes to be a blogger again. I do have fun writing. But mostly, long time ago (long? :P in fact it was just 3 years ago) I do writing from inner side called soul & it really took long time to write. It's because the things you want to share with others must be well chosen. However, when comes to PMS. Nah, my word has turning to be emotional so do the reader. Hahaha (Macam lah ramai sangat pembaca blog kau, the old blog follower only 250. I feel honored to have you guys as followers actually, Thank you guys, thank you so much! Hehehe. Now that time has passed. Now, Im engaged and insyaAllah soon to be wife to a great man. Thank you so much to The Almighty 'cause He knows my desire, my path of living and everything. No hidden part of mine that He doesn't know. Alhamdulillah, thank you The Almighty, Our Creater. :*

So guys, thank you so much for reading this entry! :)